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Here are some random samples of photos I have taken along the way.


At this point in my life, I really love to shoot people, or people and their animals. 


All I can say is check out their faces!

Equestrian Photography

I really love shooting horses and horses and their people. The connection between the two is profound, and really shines through. 

Okay, okay, so these shots are mostly Jordan. The kid just doesn't take a bad photo!


Special thanks to all the people in this slideshow that gave permission for me to use your gorgeous images.

Artwork Photography

This is pretty cool.  When I was producing for Twin Farms, at one point they decided to create a book, documenting all the artwork on the property. If you do not know about the artwork at Twin Farms, please go to their website, or, just check out this slideshow.

I had the honor of being the photographer for this book. It is hard to describe what it was like to set up a studio and have them bring me one painting after another. 

The artwork of Twin Farms is unique, gorgeous and for the most part thought provoking.

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