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Below are a few of my favorite clients over the years. 

Twin Farms Resort

Twin Farms is about as lovely and charming as lovely and charming can get.

I had the rare honor of producing many videos for Twin Farms over the years. They are incredibly engaged people; moreover, they are SO much fun.

For it all Twin Farms... THANK YOU!

Twin Farms ~ The Event
Autumn by Vermont
Twin Farms ~ Road Trip
Twin Farms ~ Stave Puzzles
Twin Farms ~ The Canvas
Twin Farms Spring
Twin Farms ~ Winter Wonderland

If you have never heard of Stave Puzzles, this is a great place to start. 


We laughed so much shooting this video!


Such fun and wonderful people, creating an amazing and wonderfully fun product.


Stave Puzzles ~ The Snowplow Swing

The Chief Tormentor is at it again, and this time he has created a new golf swing. And of course, it involves dancing!

These Stave people... they're a riot!

The Vermont Flannel Company

Vermont Flannel has always held a special place in my heart.

The company in and of itself, is quite charming. The shop's decor and presentations, the lovely way they package their products, the warm and engaged employees, well... it screams quality throughout.


Everyone I love, has received a Vermont Flannel from me, along the way! 


A huge shout out and heartfelt thanks, to all the Woodstock people that starred in the video. They jumped in head first and without hesitation. 

Mobile Medical International Corporation

I loved producing videos for MMIC over a period of about 5 years. 

At the helm... Rich Cochran. A visionary to be sure! He created the Mobile Surgery Unit and was indoctrinated into The Smithsonian because of it. 


He also won the highly acclaimed, Small Business Person of the Year Award. The only other Vermonter to win this award was Ben and Jerry!


The people of MMIC are an incredibly creative group, and it was an honor to be part of this cool company, if only for a while.

The Next Generation Flying Eye Hospital

This video documents the incredible collaboration between MMIC and ORBIS to create the The Next Generation Flying Eye Hospital. 


The Flying Eye Hospital has been in operation now for about 5 years, and with the help of the dedicated volunteers - is saving sight all over the world.

A worth see to be sure!

MMIC - Mobile Military

This video highlights MMIC's rapidly deployable shelter system and rapidly deployable medical facilities up close.

Although the design of these products is quite simple, they are also, quite brilliant.


I spent time in Pohnpei in rustic conditions with doctors and nurses who were actually using these systems. I can wholeheartedly endorse these products based on my personal experiences.


Form and function at its best!

The Woodstock Inn and Resort

I spent about 5 years producing for The Woodstock Inn, and loved every minute of it.


They are an amazing group of people, and afforded me so much generosity of spirit and engagement throughout my shooting/producing tenure.

For it all... thank you!


The One and Only - SUICIDE SIX

I think this is my favorite video I produced for the Inn. This tiny ski hill is beloved around the world and for good reason.

This video is takes a quick look into the storied history behind Bunny Bertram and the legend and legacy Suicide Six.

Although it has a new name now, it will always be Suicide Six to me!

Suicide Six ~ The Day the Towers Flew

This video documents the installation of the new towers for the new quad chair they were installing at Suicide Six.

This event was a blast to shoot. Jennifer Vincent and I started at the top of The Face with cameras, unsure of what was really about to happen. The helicopter flies in the tower and precision places them consecutively down the hill. The flying alone was extraordinary. 

So there we were, charging down The Face, so as to arrive before the helicopter was back with the next tower. It happened so fast! 

It's all in the video. Check it out!

The Woodstock Inn ~ Kelley Way Gardens

Okay, okay! Perhaps this is my favorite Woodstock Inn video!

Ben Pauly, the master behind the garden is a delight, and such a pleasure to hang with.

I started shooting Ben from the very first year of Kelly Way Garden; and watched in awe as his vision unfolded.

Definitly a worth see!

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