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This page will be changing as time goes by, so check back now and again for more cool Utila stuff!

Our Town

This is an incredibly personal video for me. It is a bit of a mishmash of clips, showcasing the people on the rock when I was there. 


It is way too long, I know - but once I got started, I found it quite impossible to stop!

Please note that the footage is quite old and there are lots of digital dropouts throughout.

Also, all the aerials I chose to use, represent Utila in 1994, before most of the development happened. I hung out of the plane with the door off in Selene's plane, with a high 8 camera . It is not the smoothest footage. 

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.


Salty Dog Productions was born on Utila in 1996. Rick and I had moved to the Island 1993, with the idea that we would retire. Well, it did not happen that way. What did happen for the next decade, was an adventure of a lifetime.

7 miles long and 2 miles wide - Utila proudly boasts its ancestry from some of the most notorious pirates who ever sailed the seas, and they would be right.  Tales of stashed treasure continue to lure adventurers from all over the world!

full aerial utila.jpeg

The scuba diving is extraordinary. Vertical walls, fringing reefs, sea mounts galore, more corals and sponges than anywhere else in the Caribbean, tons of fish, year round whale sharks and SO many other noteworthy pelagics!

town with people_edited.jpg

The Utilaians are a proud people with a rich and colorful history. They are also incredibly sweet, generous and welcoming.


And for the record... not a day goes by, that my heart does not go to Utila and those wonderful people. Not a single day in 20 years!

sc0091bd2f01 (1).jpeg
Skye Ranch
Our home for a decade, Skye Ranch was located about a mile outside of town on a sandy path.  Skye Ranch Reef right in front, with swim thrus, brain and elkhorn coral mazes, tons of fish, and a 90 foot sloping wall.

Oh yeah... no electricity!

skye ranch logo_edited.jpg
Rick and Skye (Jones) Reno

We both became instructors and taught loads of people to dive.

Rick is a brilliant educator, and has a very special way about him, when imparting knowledge.

Rick went on to become the first resident Course Director on Utila, and I opened Salty Dog Productions in 1996.


This entire page is sort of a scrapbook of videos, photos and stories highlighting a few of my experiences and memories of events, people and places, whilst on the rock. 



Photo credit - Rocky Jones 1993

Rick hates this photo - but I love it because Rocky took it one night at Blue Bayou!

The Last Voyage of the Halliburton 211

This is one of my favorite Utila movies. It's a big story and if you have thirty minutes to spare and want to get a better feeling of Utila and the way it was; this is a good video to watch.

This video is centered around 3 men I have always had a soft spot for... Jim Engel, Rocky Jones and Ron Janssen.


Toss in the largest hurricane of the last century, and the sinking of a freighter and it's epic! Well, I think so anyway.

Photos from The Halliburton plaque placement