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Jordan LaPlaca

Renaissance Man 

Jordan LaPlaca

Jordan is one of the most unique and talented humans on the planet.

I have had the privilege of sponsoring Jordan in his equestrian endeavors, for many years now, and it has been an incredible experience through and through.

Jordan LaPlaca ~ A Glimpse...

He is an incredible athlete. Jordan's natural physical abilities, coupled with his other talents, such as singing, dancing, acting, the innate ability to pick up anything he sets his mind to, and then do it and do it well, truly sets him apart from well... most humans.


And then of course, his he is incredibly handsome, so there's that!


Jordan's talents could have taken him in any direction imaginable, but his passion is dressage.

If you don't know what dressage is, basically, he trains horses how to dance - and then dances with them!


More specifically, dressage is a stunningly beautiful display of horse and rider, moving together as one.


And there is nothing more beautiful than Jordan when he is riding. 

Jordan and Skye_edited.jpg

Jordan has been an invaluable part of Salty Dog Productions over the years. He has been the star of so many of my promotional videos; such as Stave Puzzles, Dressage Training Online, Vermont Flannel, and many more.


He has also been a guest shooter on many occasions; and given Jordan's talents and ability to pick something up immediately, he never required any camera training. I just shoved a camera in his hands and said... "Go shoot!" And so he did, and he did it well!

More than all of that - I am honored to call him my friend.

A few of the promo videos Jordan has starred in along the way for Salty Dog Productions

Okay, okay - this Twin Farms video stars his famous beagle Quinten, when he was a puppy.

Quinten went on to show at Westminster!

Maverick Hill Dressage 
Standing Stones Farm

This video takes a quick look at Maverick Hill Dressage and their home base in Connecticut.


Standing Stones Farm is an extraordinary state-of-the-art dressage training facility. 


Toss Jordan and Maverick Hill Dressage into the mix and well... you got gold!


Jordan waited for Caitlin, for a VERY long time.  Makes the whole love story thing, even better!


Caitlin LaPlaca


Such a beautiful love story.


Leave it to Jordan, to find and marry one of the most beautiful women on the planet, both inside and out. I mean... she's stunning, she's charming, she is kind and warm hearted, she has humor and wit to match Jordan's, and of  course - she is incredibly talented!



Caitlin and Jordan are partners in love and in life. This takes, Where Passion Meets Partnership, to a whole new level, and then some. The circle is complete.

Jordan and Gold Play

Jordan LaPlaca and Nancy Hutson

have teamed up with Gold Play - a truly extraordinary horse. This is a rare partnership that is flowering in the most wonderful ways.


Jordan has already taken Gold Play to the international arena, where they held their own and then some, against much older and much more seasoned horses.

I can't wait to see what comes from these two down the road.

This video was shot in 2022. Gold Play is only 7 years old.  I spent a very short time with Jordan shooting a practice session, and well... they took my breath away.

Divo and Jordan

This is a beautiful video of Divo and Jordan. Theirs was a very special partnership, and it shows.

The LIghter Side of Jordan LaPlaca

Jordan dancing his way through the day. This kid's got moves and then some!

The New York Times

Jordan and his support for thoroughbreds was featured in The New York Times. 


This is an inspiring video, highlighting Jordan's efforts to help these magnificent horses, who face an uncertain and tragic future when their racing career is over. 

GMHA Driving
The Marathon

The marathon segment of Combined Driving is SO much fun. I must confess, I enjoy it much more than dressage.

Jordan is a gifted driver, as he is in all things equestrian. Take some time and watch these videos. They're a worth see.


Shooting the marathon is a blast! We first walk the course, which is huge and spread out over an area the size of a small town.

We then time the sprints from one obstacle to the next; so we know first of all, if it is even possible?

As soon as they are through the obstacle, we are flat out at a dead run to the next obstacle.  Watching Jordan and Elton fly through those obstacles is exciting and inspiring.


Yes, like I said, shooting The Marathon is a blast!

Live Oak International - The Marathon

At the Live Oak International, he was racing through the obstacles so fast - he was 6 seconds faster than the world famous, Susan Osborn.


The announcer was flabbergasted at his speed.  He went on to win the marathon.

Note: I was not the shooter for the Live Oak International event.


Bromont International 18

This is raw footage of each obstacle from Bromont International 18.


The raw footage is super cool; being able to hear all the sounds, clinks, clanks, wheels, snorts, the crowds, Jordan yelling encouragement... well, like I said; it is super cool.


More than that, Jordan's energy with Elton is incredible, nay... it's indelible.

Just sayin'!

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