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Art Productions and Art Photography

Video is a great medium for highlighting artwork of all kinds.  

Please spend a few minutes checking out these great artists and their work!

Sheila Oberg ~ Both Sides Now

Sheila is my oldest and dearest friend in the world.  She is also an incredible artist.

Her art comes from a place deep in her soul.  Her art is otherworldly, incredibly grounded and yet ethereal all at the same time. 

This production is just a smattering of the body of artwork Sheila has created throughout her life.

The Gallery by Ian Williams

Ian Williams defies description, other than he is one of the most delightful humans on the planet!

He is also an incredible artist. This video represents his sculptures that are located all around the property of Standing Stones Farm.

Please check out Jordan LaPlaca's page for more on Standing Stones Farm.

The Artwork of Twin Farms

This was one of the coolest shoots ever!

Twin Farms was making a book out of all their incredible and unique original artwork.

I was the photographer. I set up a studio in one of their cottages, and they brought me one painting after another for 2 days. 

It was an extraordinary experience in way more ways than one.

Kisty Engel ~ The Brush

Kisty Engel is the owner of The Utila Lodge, and a lifelong friend of mine. 

But more than that, she is an inspired artist. I have known her for 30 years, and only became aware of what an incredible artist she was a few years ago.

Her artwork inspired me to make this video highlighting just a brief glimpse of her very large collection of art.

For more on The Utila Lodge, visit the Utila page.

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