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There are no words that will ever convey, the love and admiration I have for Ann Graham, and all the people who continue to - Make It Better, for all those kids suffering from the worst cancer ever... Osteosarcoma.

Cheyenne DeVelasco

Cheyenne... the bravest human I have ever had the honor to meet. 

The look on her face on this cover... that was shot 10 days before her death.

The joy and the peace pouring forth from her in that moment...

She was so brave for the entire shoot. She never saw this video.

She lives on in my heart.

The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital

This video follows MMIC and ORBIS from start to finish, creating the one of a kind - ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital. 

This project took well over a year. This video documents MMIC building this AMAZING one off that is currently, saving sight all over the world!

The whole experience was a grand adventure! 

Operation Smile

Operation Smile - saving smiles around the world.

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